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Impending Winter in The Vineyard


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Wet Autumn Garden

The rains are starting to take hold. Hopefully they will stay for a while longer.

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Morning Dew

On a misty morning, I woke up to see this rose bush with a good amount of morning dew. It looked like it had rained overnight, but this moisture was solely from the morning foggy conditions. We are currently suffering from drought conditions in California, so I guess I should be happy for any moisture evening if it’s just a misty morning dew.

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Lily Pond

This lily pond is located in the back garden of the Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico in San Juan. It has a rich ecosystem with coy and lots of vegetation. I was drawn by the multi-layered environment that it held.

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Winter Leaf ~ Green Valley, California

Winter Leaf
During the winter, I am fascinated by what is left behind. This winter leaf has outlived its counterparts by a few months. With the dry winter we’ve had so far, this leaf may hang on for quite a while. Pending rain and wind, this image may last for a while. The next few posts will focus on additional examples of life that is left behind during the winter months.

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Fall Leaves on Hood of a Car ~ Santa Rosa, CA