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Morning Dew

On a misty morning, I woke up to see this rose bush with a good amount of morning dew. It looked like it had rained overnight, but this moisture was solely from the morning foggy conditions. We are currently suffering from drought conditions in California, so I guess I should be happy for any moisture evening if it’s just a misty morning dew.

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Raindrop Grapes

This image of raindrops on the grapes comes from a recent harvest photography session at R. Buoncristiani Vineyards on Wohler Road in the Russian River Valley. It was a picking that started around three a.m. and continued until about nine a.m. There was an early morning misting that settled on some grapes left over from the harvest.

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Lily Pond

This lily pond is located in the back garden of the Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico in San Juan. It has a rich ecosystem with coy and lots of vegetation. I was drawn by the multi-layered environment that it held.

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Tilting Boat ~ Bodega Bay, California

Tilting Boat

This boat was captured in Bodega Bay on a overcast day. I’m not sure how long it had been there, but it didn’t seem like it was seaworthy. The tide was low, the atmosphere was foggy, and what its purpose was, remained a mystery to me.

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Wet Roses ~ Windsor, California

Wet Roses

With drought conditions we currently have in California, this wet roses image may be rare. This is a capture from 2010 when thoughts of drought were far from our minds. At least we can enjoy the water visually if not in real life.

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Low Lake Reflection ~ Windsor, California


This low lake reflection is a reminder of the drought we currently face in California. This is a lake in the Foothills Regional Park in Windsor. It’s at the lowest level I have ever seen it in the years I have been hiking here.